300 burglaries after… ‘Yayita’, the Queen of Condos

Bogota’s Metropolitan Police finally arrested Andrea Torres, known as ‘Yayita’, who had 2 arrest warrants for 20 house thefts.
Foto: El Tiempo

With 28 years old, ‘Yayita’ used her charm, her physical attributes to seduce condo doormen and house owners, got into the residences, letting her sister and a man, accomplices, enter to help the robbery.
Foto: twitter oficial da Polícia de Bogotá

According to Colombian Police authorities, Andrea started in the theft life at 17 and is known for her abilities to crack door locks, already being arrested before for aggravated theft.
Foto: El Tiempo

Police says she’s suspected of having committed more than 300 house thefts, particularly in Suba, northern Bogotá, with the police arresting her when she was preparing to travel to Germany with forged documents.