6-Year-Old Girl Put In Handcuffs At School For Bringing Dessert In Her Lunch

It was like any other day at school for 6-year-old Madisyn Wordlow. She attended class at Fernwood Elementary School in Chicago, and when the lunch bell rang, she happily pulled out her lunchbox and ate the food her mother packed for her.
When the healthy meal was finished, Madisyn excitedly unwrapped a piece of candy her mother packed as a treat!
That’s when something outrageous happened.
Thinking the piece of candy was stolen, the school’s security guard, Divelle Yarbrough, jumped into “action.” He handcuffed Madisyn, and brought her down to a hot stairwell for questioning. Despite the blistering summer heat, and the fact that Madisyn was wearing a jacket, Develle kept her there for over an hour.
When Madisyn’s mother, Marlena, got the call that her daughter had been involved in a theft on school campus, she rushed over and found her daughter sweating, handcuffed and absolutely terrified.
Marlena told the New York Daily News exactly what Divelle said to her when she discovered her daughter in that miserable stairwell.
“He said ‘I’m teaching her a f—–g lesson. She took a piece of candy and I handcuffed her under the stairs.'”
All of this over an allegedly stolen piece of candy that actually came from Madisyn’s own lunchbox!
The school administration got word of Divelle’s unwarranted actions against the innocent 6-year-old and immediately fired him. Not only that, but the school board also placed a “do not hire” disclaimer on his profile so he can never be in charge of children’s safety again.
But that’s not enough for Jeffrey Granich, the Wordlow family’s attorney. The determined lawyer told ABC 7 News that the security guard deserves more than just being fired – he deserves jail time.
“I would like to know why he hasn’t been prosecuted. This is a battery. This is false imprisonment.”
Although no charges have been filed against Develle thus far, Marlena isn’t giving up hope. In the meantime, the concerned mother is looking for a new school for Madisyn, praying that doing so will help her forget the unthinkable situation that occurred on Fernwood’s campus.