Study shows Spanish as the ‘happiest’ language!

A massive study from the University of Vermont’s Computational Story Lab showed Spanish as the language of happiness, among other things!

This research study detected 100000 of the most popular words, using twitter, tv, song lyrics, the New York Times and movie titles, in top 10 world languages, coming to the conclusion that the human being prefers happier words to sad ones, positivity over cinism.

Peter Sheridan Dodds, the mathematician that led this study, scaled each language 1-9 emotionally.

In the 10 researched languages, the most common point is the positivity in the expressions, but among them Spanish is the more positive, the more happy in those emotional expressions, ahead of Brazilian Portuguese, English and Indonesian.

Naturally, Dodds explained in the press release that this research is just scratching the surface of the emotional trajectory of a language, however believes that this study may pave way to others in this so important theme.

The result of this research is based upon 5 million individual human reactions and may open the door to the development of linguistic tools to measure emotions, is noted in the paper that was published in Proceedings of the National Academy Sciences.

The linguistic evolution of words shows a tendency to promote social cohesion and diminished the naysayers.

So learn Spanish and be happy!