Abandoned For 50 Years – This Time Capsule Home’s Kitchen Is Going Viral

When furniture collector Nathan Chandler discovered a quaint Chicago home circa the early 1960s, which had never been lived in, he was shocked when he discovered the untouched treasures inside.


Nathan found the home, built in 1956 and abandoned in 1962, had not only never been lived in, but its fixtures and appliances were in mint condition. The one-of-a-kind kitchen was a surprise — because it was almost entirely pink. While a powder pink kitchen might be considered garish compared to today’s modern decor standards, pink was actually quite a statement color in the 1950s and 1960s.


That’s thanks to First Lady Mamie Eisenhower, who was known to love the color pink. Mamie was famous for redecorating the government homes in which she lived. In fact, the White House was dubbed “The Pink Palace” by the media during the time Mamie and Ike lived there.

Naturally, the American public — particularly the female population — took Mamie’s lead when it came to decorating their own kitchens and bathrooms. The kitchen that Nathan discovered looks exactly like it could have been designed by Mamie herself!


The theme of pink clearly takes the lead in this kitchen — from the countertops to the appliances.


Even the old clock is pink. And when is the last time you’ve seen a built-in tissue holder in a kitchen?!


Another unique aspect of this old-school kitchen — the three-panel refrigerator. Unrecognizable compared to today’s high-tech fridges.


And notice how much less space it has — by today’s super-sized standards.


Though just like the rest of the appliances, it is squeaky clean. Inside and out.


Even the oven range is spotless. And remember coil cook-tops with stainless steel covers?


Not to mention the push-in buttons, versus the digital kind most of us are used to nowadays


More proof that these appliances have never been used… this spotless oven.


Many of the appliances’ manuals were found intact as well.


The pages reflect a completely different time. And the woman’s role as the main cook in the household.


I’ve certainly never seen a dishwasher disguised as a cabinet! Where are the cycle buttons?


And the previous owner even left some unopened dish-washing detergent, circa 1960s, behind.


Some trends may be best left in the past. But these cool knobs could totally make a retro comeback!


After all, they pair nicely with the cabinets’ other details. Like the arrow-like pulls and the crisscross cut-outs.


From this angle, it looks like it could be a kitchen in a doll’s house… A very sophisticated doll house.


This surprising treasure is like going back in time or opening a time capsule! It reminds us not only how far we’ve come in the world of decor, but also why certain trends made, and continue to make, such a memorable and timeless statement.