Adorable dogmommy risk her life serveral times to save her little puppies from a fire. Truly admirable and heroic.

During a fire in a house in Santa Rosa de Temuco, in Chile, the firefighters that were covering the fire observe something unbelievable:

amanda 01

A new mommy called Amanda place her life in danger again and again to save her puppies from the devouring fire.
Amanda, the savior, went back and forward to the house in flames to get her 10 days puppies in the safest place that she found: the firefighters truck:


She did not stop until all her puppies were safe and sound away from the fire. Truly amazing I couldn’t believe it neither the firefighters , but this images worth a thousand words:


After rescuing all her babies Amanda sit next to them protecting them with her body.
The veterinarian emergency service was called and Amanda and her babies were taken to the hospital, only one of the puppies needed treatment for severe burns.


All the family is alive and well thanks to Amanda and her bravery, a truly hero mommy!
Never thought in a situation like this an animal could ignore the survival instinct and risk his on life to save the others!
BIG BIG “LIKE” for this amazing mommy! It’s well deserved.