This Adorable Duckling Followed Him Every Single Morning, So He Took This Video

I’ll go ahead and say it: dogs and cats have ruled the internet for far too long, with a near monopoly on cuteness. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we think it’s high time that the duck got its due, and what better place to start than with Charley, an adorable duckling who will waddle his way into your heart!

Charley’s still getting used to keeping up with his owner, who Charley thinks is his mom! Even though he’s tiny, he makes a great effort and is never left behind for too long. YouTube user matizhan first posted this video back in 2010, but it didn’t become a viral sensation until more recently. Charley is older now, of course, and matizhan has posted an updated video showing his progress.
In this clip, the duo takes a short walk on a rainy day, filmed from Charley’s perspective. Clearly, Charley loves their walks, and his face looks absolutely delighted as he runs to keep up with his human. It just makes me so happy!
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