Baby’s Abandoned In Dirty Burger King Bathroom, 27 Years Later She Meets The Mom That Left Her

You will often hear stories about babies being abandoned at birth. There are many different extenuating circumstances that can cause abandonment. It takes an emotional toll on all parties involved, however a lot of times, there are details the public does not know about. For one particular mother-daughter abandonment situation, an unknown tragedy occurred that the daughter was never aware of. That is, until she finally had the chance to reunite with her mother 27 years later.
Katheryn Deprill has no memory of her mother from childhood. After all, she was only a newborn the day she was left on the floor of an Allentown, Pennsylvania Burger King bathroom. The search for finding her mother made national headlines after she posted a picture on Facebook, especially because of where Katheryn was abandoned after she was born. She is known as the ‘Burger King baby,’ and has been longing to reunite with her mother for years.
As social media tends to do, her post went viral fast, and after just three weeks, she was able to locate her birth mother. The reunion was precious, as hugs and tears were exchanged by both mother and daughter. Emotions were flying from both sides, as both were understandably happy towards finally meeting one another. Katheryn had a lot of time to think about her mother, and what the reasons were behind the abandonment for years. However, she did not prepare for the tragic story behind why her mother had made that decision.
An Allentown attorney, John Waldron, was fortunate enough to witness the unforgettable reunion between the two women. He shared with WFMZ-TV:
“It was really fun experiencing something this happy and this joyful.”

John was actually the one who scheduled the reunion between the two women. Both women had family members by their side during the reunion to show support. It wasn’t until the two women met up and the investigation was put into play from John, did Katheryn learn the real story behind her abandonment.
On September 15, 1986, Katheryn was found as a newborn baby under a sink of the Burger King bathroom located on South 4th street in Allentown. Katheryn ended up being adopted shortly after she was found. John shared the facts behind the situation that caused all of this:
“The tragedy of what occurred here was, her mom was raped, in a foreign country, and gave birth to Katheryn in her bedroom.”
Katheryn’s mother was only 17-years-old when she gave birth, and she didn’t feel like she could take her baby to the hospital without answering questions first about the situation. Hence, she left her baby in a location where she knew someone would find her and would care for her. Before she left, she kissed her baby on the forehead, and didn’t see her again, until 27 years later.

Although they do not wish to identify who Katheryn’s birth mother really is, Katheryn confirmed that she is excited to finally be reunited with her mother, and that she seems like she is a very loving person. They also both plan to stay in touch and to continue growing their relationship together.

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