Bring Pallets Into The Bedroom. 8 Creative Designs That Will Inspire You

For the DIY aficionado that loves to repurpose old items, finding the perfect material to work with is a dream come true. These days, using recycled materials is the latest trend and wooden pallets seem to be one item that people can’t get enough of for projects.
With a bit of creative design and planning, it’s actually not that hard to imagine that an old pile of wood can be made into furniture. In this case, what was once destined for the garbage landfill can be transformed into gorgeous pallet beds.

Although it looks like there’s a fire brewing underneath this pallet bed, it’s just an illusion created with a few LED lights. Who needs a night light when your bed already comes with one?
If you want your decor to reflect a clean and crisp look, this pallet bed with wheels might be the design for you. It’s simplistic style only adds to its charm. Head on over to Urban Fringe Living for DIY instructions on this pallet bed project.
This whimsical crescent moon-shaped pallet crib will have your baby crying for joy! Check out Design+ for a video tutorial on how to make this unique and adorable pallet bed.
Pallet bed frames almost build themselves. They’re already perfectly proportioned and shaped to fit mattresses of various sizes. Cobble a few pallet pieces together, and presto – you have a bed frame! Life With The Joneses can show you just how easy it is to make your own pallet bed frame.
If you’re short on space, this clever pallet bunk bed and desk combo only takes up a small corner of the bedroom. A few well-placed mini buckets can hold toys or school supplies, and there’s also extra space to hold a few magazines as well.
This versatile sofa lounger pallet bed from Scrap Hacker is perfect for a dorm room or small studio apartment. By day, friends can sit with you and watch Netflix. When nighttime rolls around, you can instantly pull out two beds! This is great if you have a guest sleeping over.
Don’t forget that pets love beds, too! Make this doggy pallet bed and man’s best friend will be a happy and well-rested best friend. This pet pallet bed doesn’t take much work to create – grab a clean pallet, a soft cushion and your furball’s favorite blanket.
This video shows you how to create a pallet bed frame on a college student’s budget.