Capturing The Hypnotizing Beauty Of Albino People

For some time I’ve had the idea to create and photograph a project featuring albino people or people with Albinism. Their unique beauty hypnotizes me. This beauty is so pure and amazing for me, as if it was taken from fantasies and fairy tale legends.

As a photoshop artist, I have a passion to create fantasy worlds through my work and artistry. This series was an amazing experience for me because I could create this beautiful photography without photoshop. What transpired was pure natural beauty.

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All of the photographs were taken in white tones with no additional coloring. I’m excited to prove that white is not just one color! It has many tints, shades and beautiful tones.

While creating this photo project, I was fortunately blessed with meeting amazing people. I was highly motivated from the support of the models and parents to create this project. Their passion and encouragement attributes to this amazing project. I am very proud of the results this experience has brought.

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