Confrontation With Cyclist Ended Really Badly For This Angry Driver

This argument between a driver and a cyclist really escalated quickly, and ended in hilarious and brutal fashion as the enraged driver ended up on the floor.

The unbelievable road rage row was caught on camera by the cyclist after he claimed the driver passed too close to his bike on Zinzan street, in Reading.

His attempts to remonstrate with the motorist sparked a torrent of abuse from the furious man who yelled expletives out of the window.

In the video, the driver can be heard shouting:

“Mate, how f*cking big is that bicycle? Are you a car? No. You’re a f*cking little bicycle but you seem to want to be in the middle of the road. That’s your problem if you get knocked off them isn’t it.”

After the cyclist refuses to back down, things get even crazier as the driver gets out of his car to chase the cyclist on foot.

And the “A clown takes a pratfall” YouTube video does exactly what it says on the tin, ending when the driver goes absolutely flying, head-over-heels and lands flat on his face. There’s even a slow motion version, just in case you missed the epic fall the first time around.

It’s not just this guy’s pride and body which will be hurting today though, as police have confirmed that the man will also walk away from this incident with a criminal record – the motorist has been given a caution for a public order offence.