Cut a lemon and put it in your room before going to sleep! The reason is amazing! And very useful!

You know what happens if you put a lemon in your room before you go to sleep? It’s surprising! And after knowing it, you will certainly start doing it!
Lemon is known for its health benefits . But their powers go far beyond.
Its unique smell is associated with cleaning and environmental freshness and it is said that he has the ability to improve mood .
That’s why this citrus fruit in natural medicine, is often used to help treat anxiety and depression.
Furthermore , lemon acts as an antiseptic and its potent juice is widely used as a cleaning agent .
According to experts , lemon juice also works as a natural cleanser of the scalp. And many people use this juice to treat skin problems such as acne and dark spots.
In the case of skin darkening , cut a lemon in half and rub it on your knees and elbows to soften and lighten these areas .
In addition , you can use lemon juice to whiten nails , relieve sore feet and freshen breath .
But whenever you use lemon juice externally , do not expose yourself to the sun.

Lemon in your health
Lemon juice is extremely beneficial for health problems such as indigestion, arthritis and rheumatism.
Regular consumption of lemonade helps to eliminate toxins from the body and also prevents the formation of kidney stones.
Furthermore, lemon has the ability to cleanse the blood and thus is optimal to assist in the treatment of diseases such as chikungunya, malaria and cholera.
It is well known that this fruit is an incredible source of vitamin C.
However, it is very little known fact that it contains many other nutrients such as copper, magnesium, iron, potassium, chromium, vitamin A and vitamin E.
In addition, the lemon is abundant in antioxidants that fight aging.
And now a super tip! The lemon scent is amazing, is not it?
For this reason it is much better than the cleanser spray environment, which are highly harmful to health.
Lemon is different: purifies and disinfects the air without any chemical and toxic product and does not harm the environment.
Would you sleep with the purest air, which will help improve your sleep and increase immunity?
Cut a lemon into four (as pictured) and leave it in a dish at night next to your bed.
It may be more of a lemon (the more the better). And any variety.
This will let the air of your room clean and purified without the use of toxic sprays.
More importantly, feel natural lemon air overnight helps to breathe better, especially when it comes to persons with allergies or asthma.
Leave a lemon cut on the head and wake up, have a clear throat, and airways, and wake up in a better mood and more cheerful.