Dad Opens Up A Snake Rattle To Discover The Truth Of What’s Really Inside

A snake’s rattle is used for warning its prey – but what exactly is it that makes the rattling noise? Well, Lincoln and his Dad were determined to find out. Since they’re from the blistering desert of Phoenix, Arizona, they have to encounter these dangerous creatures regularly. That makes it even more interesting for them to get to the bottom of what really makes up a rattlesnake rattle!

After a quick trip to the Phoenix zoo to see some real-life rattlesnakes, Lincoln and his Dad learned that these powerful reptiles can shake their rattle 50 times per second, and they can continue to do this for three or four hours at this speed! Who would’ve thought they could shake it that fast – and for that long?

As they’re slicing through the rattle, Lincoln makes an astute observation, saying “I don’t think they’re designed for people to cut them in half!” But they proceed anyway, and what they find inside is actually a bit surprising. See for yourself in the fascinating video below!