Dad Secretly Records His Son At School, Hears The Teacher And Takes Immediate Action

Parents have long used secret recording devices to keep tabs on babysitters that they feel are mistreating, or even abusing their kids. A New Jersey dad sent his 10-year-old son to school that day with a recording device secretly in his son’s pocket. Stuart Chaifetz thought his autistic son was being bullied at school, and he wanted proof before he confronted the principal. Our school system isn’t always up to par, but was this really so necessary to send his boy to the wolves with a spy-like recording device?


Apparently, it was more than necessary. Dad Stuart listened to over 6 hours of confrontation and bullying that should never have happened. However, the bullying wasn’t coming from his son’s fellow classmates, but his very own teacher! It sickening to hear how she addresses this vulnerable student in front of the rest of the class.


We can hear the rude teacher tell the kids to be quiet and settle down. But whoa, I cannot believe what the teacher let slip. Some of what she said shouldn’t even be voiced in the company of grown adults! It’s entirely disgusting and revolting that this teacher is in our public school system and allowed to teach vulnerable special education students. Watch the video below to find out exactly what she said. You can see the tears and anguish in Dad’s eyes. Do you think she should have been fired?