Dad Walks With Frightened Son, Bullies Don’t Realize What’s Under His Coat

A father teaching his son to pursue his dreams is met with challenges that only together they can overcome. This beautiful story of courage, hard work and love is seen in this commercial by American Family Insurance. When the commercial begins, a young boy’s real passion is discovered right away as he pulls out his phone to watch a YouTube video of the art of flamenco dancing. The flashing red dance outfit, upbeat music, and skillful moves are exciting to watch, but when his dad walks in the room, his dreams are dampened by what dad has for him. The young boy was gifted with a box, and inside was not a dance outfit like he may have wished, but rather a Judo uniform.
“You start tomorrow,” were the words his father shared with him with a stern look on his face. The boy could only force a smile. On their way to practice they walk past a group of bullies who hurl insults at him. Both father and son completely ignore them as they walk by. Arriving at practice, the young boy gives his full effort and eventually becomes one of the best. His talent and hard work paid off.

When his father noticed all that his son had accomplished, he wanted to reward him and allow him to chase his real dreams. So, when he gave him a box, this time it was not another Judo uniform, but something that caught the boy by surprise. The passion he had to chase his dreams gave him courage even to walk past the bullies alone feeling proud. The bullies themselves noticed a difference in this boy who once held his head low. Something had changed, and it was all due to a father who believed in him