Daddy Just Got Home, Mom’s Footage Of Baby And Dog Goes Viral

The excitement overflows into the most adorable dance when baby sees his daddy finally pulling in the driveway. There is nothing like the anticipation of having your loved one just in sight, until you’re close enough for that warm embrace. Having daddy return home was all his baby was waiting for, but of course their pet dog had to join in the fun. When little baby supports himself at the front door, peering through the glass to see when daddy might arrive, their pet dog is fully aware of what’s going on. It’s the usual routine taking place. The pet dog gets just as excited as baby does.


Looking out the window then looking at each other, the happiness only grows for little baby and his furry friend. Knowing that they were both as excited as could be, they broke out in the cutest little dance. Their legs jumping up and down, squeals and giggles coming from the baby, paws scratching at the door from the dog, it was a moment that had to be caught on camera. When daddy walked up to the door, he got to see the moment firsthand, but looking back on this will always be a memory to cherish.


Every parent could sympathize the fact that their children growing up flies by faster than they could ever imagine. It could only seem like days ago his son was just a newborn, and now he’s standing at the front door fully aware that his dad comes home at this time of the day. These are the moments to never take for granted. Surely this sweet family will enjoy each day together as dad comes home and they can spend time once again. What a precious thing!