After His Driveway Collapsed, Man Discovers A Ladder Leading Down A Secret Hole

Simon Marks, a 37-year-old living in Luton, England, was preparing to leave his home when he heard a surprising and unexpected “crumbling” sound. This computer worker was puzzled by the feeling of resistance he was sensing as he pushed the gas pedal of his car. As Simon began pulling out of his driveway, the ground started to collapse…

Simon explained that after moving his car, an enormous hole appeared, which he thought could possibly be a sinkhole or the result of poor construction. He admitted,
“I was just terrified the whole house was going to vanish. I took some pictures and sent them to my dad.”
As expected, Simon was concerned about the potential damage that the deteriorating ground could cause to his home – and he was unaware of the perfectly preserved and fascinating piece of history which was unfolding before his very eyes.

Simon shared,

“After moving some of the slabs out of the way and investigating, we actually found the top of a ladder. After dropping down a selfie-stick with a camera on it, we actually found it was an air raid shelter.”
This was no ordinary day for Simon Marks – this was the day he unveiled a safe-shelter from World War II, that had been silently hiding beneath his property.

Simon and his father immediately began clearing out the shelter with buckets, as it was completely filled with dirt and mud. Along the way, they discovered interesting items such as glass bottles and old newspapers – intriguing artifacts from a devastating time of war, patiently waiting to tell a story.

This two-room, handmade air raid shelter was most likely constructed after a German bomb fell close by during the war, Simon concluded. He believes that the previous home owners probably filled in this underground space as they developed their property and built their home. But Simon has other plans for his recently found hidden bunker – he hopes to keep this safe-house “safe,” and preserve this important part of history.

As Simon took the camera on a “tour” of his underground shelter, he pointed to the room behind the heavy iron door, and shared,
“So this is the actual shelter itself. Obviously the main room where the ladder comes down, but then this is the actual part I guess where they used to go when the bombs were dropping. When the sirens went off, they ran down the ladder, and into the safe room down there. You can see the height of it there is 10 feet down.”

Simon’s once-in-a-lifetime discovery will be kept safe, for future generations to come!

Watch the story of Simon’s hidden bunker find: