She Falls Asleep With Feet On Dashboard, Then Wakes Up In The Hospital And Is Never The Same

Bethany was 22, her and her boyfriend were driving home.

Bethany was in the passenger seat with her boyfriend behind the wheel of a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire.

Everything was peaceful.feet-on-the-dashboard-600x390Then, Bethany did something most of us wouldn’t think twice about doing.

She stretched out, got comfy, popped the seat back, and put her feet up on the dashboard.

What happened next changed her life forever.car2-600x433A small vehicle collided with a motorcycle, which caused a tragic chain reaction on the highway.

A semi-truck slammed on its brakes as Bethany’s boyfriend rear-ended the semi.

The above photo shows what the Sunfire looked like after the and her boyfriend survived, but her life has been forever changed, all because she put her feet up on the dashboard.feet-600x450She suffered broken bones to both feet, and when the airbags went off, they hit back of her knees which caused them to slam her in the face, leaving her with a dislocated jaw and a broken eye socket, cheek bone, and nose.hospital4-600x450Though Bethany has no memory of the crash, she feels its impact every day.

She must take 20 pills each morning just to manage her pain. She must wear special orthopedic shoes. She can’t participate in activities that are common for other twenty-somethings.

Bethany, now 26, hopes her story will help others learn from her mistake.