This family found an abandoned kitten but when he grew up everyone was astonished!

Things are not always what they seem and the story that we are going to describe today is an example of that.

This strange case occurred in Thailand, where a poor family found a small abandoned kitten on the street. Being very debilitated they decided to take him home. The time passed and they started to gain affection for the little animal.

As time went by they were noticing that the cat was quite unusual and decided to contact Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand – WFFT.
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This association then sent two members of their team to analyze the case and what they found left everyone astounded.

The animal was not a simple domestic cat but an endangered species in Southeast Asia known as fishing cats. It is not very common for a progenitor of this species to abandon a baby, but the scientists believe that this must have happened because the mother of the kitten was somehow frightened by something of our civilization.

Alone, this cat would be doomed to die. Fortunately the affection of this family gave him a new home.