She Had A Happy, Normal Life, Then Her Body Became Covered In Small Bumps

Libby Huffer, from Fort Wayne, IN, had a happy, normal life. She was born with quite a few beauty marks but nothing severe. Then suddenly in her teenage years, her body began to break out into small lumps.

The bullying became so severe at school that she changed her name from Elizabeth to Libby because students would make fun of her appearance and call her “Lizard Breath.”

When Libby became pregnant with her daughter, the hormones caused her small lumps to multiply into thousands. She was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 1.

The small lumps are noncancerous, and she is covered in 6,000 of them all over her body.

“I tell children that I’ve been kissed by angels and they don’t say anything, but most adults don’t know what the condition is so I have to explain it,” she said. “I’ve been bullied and victimized my whole life because of the bumps all over my skin. They cover me from head to toe.”

Libby has had trouble finding work and feeling confident, and people still point and stare when she goes out. However, Libby is adamant about helping others understand her condition.

“I just really want people to know what it is,” Libby said.

She hands out pamphlets to the public to inform them and their children about neurofibromatosis. The bumps cause chronic pain and the mother is hoping to raise money on GoFundMe for a surgery that would substantially remove hundreds of the small tumors.

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