Her best friend died of cancer and she adopted her daughters

Laura Ruffino met her best friend, Liz Diamond, in the fifth grade.
As adults, they both had children — two girls for Ruffino and four girls for Diamond — and kept their tight bond.

But in August 2014, Diamond, a single mom from Orchard Park, New York, was diagnosed with brain cancer. She died just months later.

“When we got in the car, she asked me, if anything ever happened, if I’d take her daughters. And I said, ‘Of course,'” Ruffino said. “It wasn’t even a thought.”

Today she fullfilled her promise of adopting her daughters and raised $70k to help her take care of them!

Elizabeth Diamond devoted her life to helping others before she passed and was a proud board member of the Buffalo Wellness Center (www.buffalowellnesscenter.com). She helped others learn how to love their healthiest and happiest and was truly a selfless person. This is why Elizabeth chose the Ruffino family to raise her daughters in the event of her death. She knew they would learn more of the same life lessons Elizabeth treasured.