Interns cut baby’s penis instead of umbilical cord

Mexico medical students were protagonists of one of the most bizarre and shocking scenes of recent times. They mistook the penis of a newborn with his umbilical cord and nearly severed the child’s sexual organ. To make matters worse, the students tried to fix the error with a new emergency surgery, inventing excuses for the baby’s parents. The point is that in this new intervention, they hurt even more the baby. “When they began to sew my son, they caused two new lesions with almost two centimeters deep,” said Diego Izaguirre, the child’s father. The mother showed the same fury: “This could not have happened, the hospital had to have seconded a gynecologist and not trainees to take care of me and my son,” said Zulem Contreras. The hospital, however, states that “according to available information, during labor, when they cut the umbilical cord, the foreskin was injured, and the situation has been corrected to the usual procedure of circumcision.” Now, Mexican authorities are investigating the case in order to find out the truth in him.