Katelyn, a girl worth knowing

The first 10 years of Katelyn Payne’s life were like all the other little girls ones… until her hair started to fall.

The little girl discovered she had Alopecia, something that bothers the men but it’s even harder on the women. At first she felt angry, sad, but she overcame those negative feeling and started to use wigs to imitate her favorite music stars, being Katelyn a pop music obsessed fan.

Her attitude granted her a modelling contract with a specialized wig company!

Even more relevant is the way Kately, who is just 11, uses this new way of living and being to inspire and motivate other with the same illness or problem (due to cancer treatmens, for instance).

For a girl so young, this is a remarkable attitude, a noble way of being!

Katelyn has everything to become an extraordinary adult!