Kids love pizza, and when you have cancer and live your life in a hospital you need to find a way to get your pizza too. Lets see what happen!

In Big city of Los Angeles, in a children hospital, a little girl called Hazel Hammersley was diagnosed in April 2013 with Stage 3 Neuroblastoma and pass her time in the hospital room. One day she wrote in her window  “SEND PIZZA ROOM 4112”, in the hope that someone would bring her a little pizza to brighten her day of intensive chemotherapy treatments.

Well what happen next was unforgettable.

The users of  REDDIT saw her message in the hospital window and in a splash it start raining pizzas from everywhere in adorable Hazel room. She and her friend got so many pizzas that her mother kindly ask hem to stop sending pizzas

Piles of pizzas send to Hazel in response of her adorable appeal in her hospital room window:



Little Hazel is so happy! Now she has as much pizza that she can get over it all by her self : ) Adorable



Well it’s time to call an other little helper to help eat that pile of pizzas and have a lot of fun thanks to the internet user that send them 🙂 Bless them.



If you wish to help Hazel with something that is not pizza XD, please take a look at her Facebook page and you will have everything you need to help her even if is just with a nice comment or a like.

Of course for her smile she rather have pizza 🙂