Locals get together to save Anaconda

Human life near forests and jungles filled with wild life raise a lot of questions. Between life and death, between invasion and defense, working and surviving is worth a lot.

This situation happened in 2013 but only recently was shared with the general public. A French tourist couple, Denis and Marie-France Grenouillet, shot this rescue of an anaconda of about 5 meters in Los Llanos, Colombia.

The reptile was stuck in the bushes and injured. 10 villagers went to the rescue in a buzz that caught the tourists attention and got registered on camera..

The anaconda got injured by fishermen fishing in their work, probably accidentally, and got stuck in the side bushes of the river. These 10 villagers were able to, very carefully, bag it, take it across the river to the jeep and drive it to near a lagoon around 8 km away from the reserve, where they released it.

A remarkable story that shows the profound respect that exists, most of the times, between local humans and the local fauna.