Magic streets of the world

The daily work and run makes us not pay attention to the beauty that surrounds us.

These streets, however, go beyond all imagination, turning real into magic!

The Greek Molyvos
Photo: reddit Jay21310

In the capital of former Federal Republic of Germany, Bonn
Photo: Adas Meliauskas

In the Swedish capital Stockholm
Photo: Hector Melo

In the Spanish Valencia

Cullinan, South Africa
Photo: Elizabeth Kendall

Washington DC
Photo: Paul Frederiksen

The flowered Spello, Italy
Photo: Nicoletta

In Porto Alegre, Brazil
Photo: Stephen Messenger

Jerez is not only auto and moto course
Photo: Aidan McRae Thomson

Nafplio, Greece
Photo: Wilson Lu

In the Australian Brisbane
Photo: Tamara Turcan

Positano, Italian Campania
Photo: Agnes Alsua

The Wisteria Tunnel, Japan
Photo: Andreea Vintila Kostova

Kyoto, Japan
Photo: jefwod

Kikinda, Serbian Vojvodina
Photo: Marija Ivkov

Kaluszyn, Polish Mazovia
Photo: Piotr Tyminski

Savannah, USA
Photo: kaiti lane

Brussels, Belgium

Wroclaw, Poland
Photo: Angelika Gremska

Braga, Portugal
Photo: Alexandra Moura

Podgorica, Montenegro
Photo: Mirko Sombrero de Lujo