Man Shoots Armadillo And Bullet Rebounds Onto His Head

A man decided he’d fire a gun at an armadillo but found his bullet bounce off the animal’s armour-plated shell and rebound onto his head.
You’d think the backlash from the Cecil the lion killing would put anybody off shooting an animal but not in Texas.

Seriously, not in Texas.

Officials from Cass County, Texas, said the man had to be taken to hospital to have his minor injuries patched up following a graze to his head.

The gunman has yet to be named and there is no word as yet on the armadillo’s health but the incident has been classified as an ‘accidental shooting’.

For some reason, people in the southern states of America seem to like shooting armadillos and not everyone is lucky enough to walk away from it with their life.

Only three months ago a man shot an armadillo but the bullet bounced off the animal’s shell and struck his mother-in-law in the back. In that case, the armadillo didn’t survive.

Fingers crossed this guy’s stupidity won’t cost the life of the armadillo in this incident.