Mom Abandons 3 Babies At Separate Times. 30 Years Later, They Find Each Other And Track Her Down

n 1981, Joann Hauser was hailed a hometown hero after alerting authorities to a newborn baby girl, just hours old, abandoned in a California alley.

Joann was too ashamed to reveal the truth — that the baby, Janet, was her own child.

At 22 years old, Joann was a single parent who had thrust herself into the drug and party scene. She knew she was ill-equipped to be a parent. “I felt if someone else had her, they could give her a better life than I could.”

Joann was terrified and desperate, so she came up with the twisted plan to feign the discovery of her own abandoned baby. This was long before safe haven laws were in place, which allow mothers abandon newborn babies at hospitals without repercussions.

Over the course of the next several years, Joann abandoned two more babies in places where people would find them. Julia was abandoned in 1985 at a public market. Dean was abandoned on a doorstep in 1986.

Janet, who was adopted by a loving family, grew up always wondering about her birth mom’s identity.

As an adult, Janet was able to connect with Julia and Dean through an online DNA search. She learned her two half-siblings had both been adopted by other families and lived in other states.

Then, nearly 30 years after Joann abandoned Julia, Janet and Dean, all three siblings reunited with their birth mom for the very first time.

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