Mom Sees This Trash Bag ‘Walking’ Down The Road, Then Rips It Open

Long commutes to work can sometimes be frantic and stressful, especially if you rolled out of bed 20-minutes too late and discover a long line of traffic waiting ahead of you. When rush hour traffic is in full swing, finding a quicker way into the office can sometimes lead you down a dangerous path.

Being forced to travel down the road less traveled can make you question if the universe really has your best interest at heart, especially when you encounter something horrible along the way. For one Kentucky woman, it was no “accident” that her story unfolded the way that it did. Although she didn’t realize it at the time, there was a much greater purpose at stake.

It was a seemingly normal day for Malissa Sergent Lewis. She was late for work and taking a shortcut when she made a shocking discovery. Finding strange things lying on the back roads of Kentucky is a common sight, but for Malissa, what she saw that fateful day went way beyond that.
After it was all over, her head was spinning, her stomach was churning, and she was left to wonder what just happened.

How could humanity be so cruel?

When Malissa came upon this trash bag on the side of the road, she normally wouldn’t have given it a second thought. It probably just fell out of the back of someone’s truck. Or worse – there were some naughty litter bugs dumping their junk where they weren’t supposed to!

Most of us pass by stuff like this on a regular basis, which is just another sad fact of modern day society. We don’t want to clean up after anyone else’s mess, either in or outside of the home. Plus, no one wants to get a whiff of what’s inside a mysterious garbage bag. Gross!

Malissa knew that roadkill or littering is not an unusual occurrence, especially in the remote countryside. She was going to just let it be, until something caught her eye.

“The closer I got, I realized it was moving,” she told the Dodo. Just in case anything bad happened to her, she decided to pull out her cell phone and start recording the strange encounter.

It could have been anything hiding inside that trash bag. Perhaps a rabid or feral creature would bite off her finger the minute she untied the knot! Was it worth the risk?

Some inner voice gave her the bravery to stop her car and approach the bag. What she found left her both absolutely horrified. Yet, it also melted her heart at the same time!

After she saw a cute black lab-boxer mix staring back up at her, her apprehension turned to anger. How could anyone do such a thing to an adorable little puppy?

“The bag was tied off in a knot, so I carefully tore a corner and looked inside. It was a puppy. And he sure was glad to see me. As soon as I opened it up, and he saw light, he just started wagging his tail. He knew he was OK. I couldn’t believe it.”

He was wearing a collar, but no sane person would tie up a baby doggy in a trash bag and accidentally forget that they had done that. It was quite obvious that his previous owners thought he was worse than trash and left him to die.

Animal abusers will go to great lengths to make sure that their crime is never found out. Yet, these abusers made a mistake that day and didn’t count on Malissa making an appearance.

“Who could do something like that to any animal? I don’t care who you are; everybody loves puppies. It’s a real cold-hearted person to put an animal, any animal, in a garbage bag and dump it on the side of the road. They had bad, bad intentions doing that.”

Getting thrown out with the trash is no way for a new puppy to get introduced to the world. It’s so easy to want to get very angry at the people who did this to a defenseless creature.

However, there’s a much sweeter way to view the situation. There was a fateful combination of factors that led Malissa to show up on that particular road, at just the right time, to find her new best friend walking right towards her. If she had arrived a minute earlier or later, Malissa may never have spotted the bag.

That’s no coincidence. It’s said that dogs choose their owners, and this tiny pooch sent his puppy love vibes out to the universe. In return, he got exactly the type of furry human that any doggy could ever hope to call his own.

Malissa and her family decided to keep the precious puppy, and named him – drum roll, please – Hefty! It’s the brand name for a popular trash bag, in case you were wondering.

Watch the video below to see how this trash bag puppy walked his way towards freedom.