Mom Thinks She’s Having A Baby Girl, But Is Stunned When She Delivers A Little Boy

The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” is truly an understatement in some circumstances.

But I guess that is the point, isn’t it? Some things cannot be fully explained in words, you need a picture to fully tell the story.

The look at this new mom’s face is absolutely priceless and thank god there was a photographer in the room! She was meeting her newborn for the first time and she couldn’t believe it.

She wasn’t in shock from being a new mother, though that definitely factored into the moment. No, for 9 months, Kim and her husband Travis had been preparing for a baby girl.

So, when she first held her baby after delivery, she was absolutely shocked to see what was sitting between the baby’s legs. This wasn’t a baby girl – she’d had a baby boy!

Thankfully, her baby is healthy and the family is happy. Have you ever seen a more shocked expression before? I think this picture is worth at least two thousand words!

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