A moving Hot Tub

Carpool DeVille is the name, where you get to drive around – or be driven, better said – while inside a hot tub.

It all began in 1996 with an 82 abandoned Chevrolet Malibu by someone who didn’t pay the student house rent. At the time the masterminds were students at the McMaster University and they decided to cut off the roof and turn it into the first driveable, fully functional hot tub: The Carpool.

The next day people started to show up with tools to transform the Malibu into a wheeled hot tub.

The college parties, the university matches saw the Carpool parked there making people smile and have fun.

In 2001, during the Canadian International Auto Show, the guys were defied to take The Carpool to the Bonneville Salt Flats in order to run the course and own the Land Speed Record for the ‘World’s Fastest Hot Tub’.

It didn’t happen though. The poor plumbing they built claimed the car in 2004, with the chassis beyond repair.

The nex year, after attempts to replace it with others, they bought online a Cadillac Limo, high hopes… but it was stolen the following winter. At the time, the news and images made new car-tubs appear worldwide.

By 2008, the original creators of the Carpool gathered on the West Coast with a 69 Coupe DeVille Convertible, it became the Mk. III. Six years went on working with the car, making it ready, developing heating, suspension, controls and, naturally, pool plumbing and also working to make it fast and safe to go for the record.

Now this is what we can call getting wet fast!