Neighborhood Street Performer Destroys Everything You Ever Thought About The Clarinet

The clarinet, while certainly a beautiful-sounding instrument, doesn’t often get the respect it deserves as much as the saxophone, the violin, or the trumpet. But when you see someone with true talent using the underrated instrument, it becomes clear they have the ability to truly destroy everything you ever thought you knew about it!

Meet Doreen. She’s a well-loved and respected woman among her New Orleans neighbors. But when this incredible video went viral, she became well known all over the world for being a musician with magnificent talent.

In spite of her amazing skill, Doreen keeps a low profile and remains humble. Maybe some people don’t want the limelight of fame as much as others, but it’s obvious this woman has a real gift that the rest of the world can’t get enough of.

Along with her amazing clarinet skills, she’s got a truly inspiring voice that’s just perfect for jazz.

The clarinet doesn’t get the respect it deserves, but that’s simply because there aren’t many well-known clarinet players in the world. Everyone knows a famous guitar player like Jimi Hendrix or trumpet blower like Louis Armstrong, but kids tend to shy away from the less popular instruments. But something tells us Doreen will make this classic instrument something to aspire to play for future generations!

This woman has some serious wind power!

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