Old Man Visits Deceased Wife’s Grave And Notices Her Flowers Keep Changing To Her Favorite Color

n 2014, Vinto Scarabello lost Norma, his beloved wife of 64 years. Every Sunday afternoon since she died, the 93-year-old widower went to visit Norma’s final resting place at Saint Peter’s Cemetery in Fresno, California. He always brought with him a handful of freshly picked flowers from their garden.

It wasn’t long before Vinto realized Norma was sending him messages from beyond the grave. Regardless of the flower, Vinto said they often turned purple — which was Norma’s most favorite color in the world.

One day, Vinto brought one red rose bud to Norma’s gravesite. “We brought the chrysanthemums after the funeral and kept them here for two weeks then brought them home, kept them on the kitchen counter for two weeks, then they started turning a little purple, a little darker and darker, then they got solid purple, as dark as they could be,” he told KMPH. “There was one red rose bud, as red as can be.

“I brought it here on a Sunday. The following Sunday, what a surprise, the redbud was purple.”

Despite what any florists may think, Vinto was convinced the purple flowers were a miracle. He was so moved by the changing colors that he even returned to church with a newly restored faith in God.

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