Opening doors to friendship and closing them to bullying

Josh is a young american teenager who grew up in a small town being bullied.

Photos of his dad in the locker, as a remembrance and love sign, were the motif to being abused. His mother took a drastic measure, moving to a bigger town, leaving that small place and going to a bigger school, where Josh wouldn’t be an obvious bullies choice.

But the youngster went way beyond that. He entered the school in the most visible way, reclaiming an habit that time almost forgot, that kindness act that some of us still do but is seen more and more in an awkward way in a Society more and more selfish.

Josh started school opening doors, literally. At the beginning it was strange, as some colleagues say, totally out of the ordinary. Seeing that boy’s smile early in the morning, giving the good morning and holding the door so that others may enter. This strangeness turned into an habit, a nice way to start the school day and sees now others taking his example and doing the same. Josh is a life example, a good way to overcome bullying, positively.