Owner Finally Discovers Reason Why Her Cat Keeps Kidnapping Puppies

When a litter of puppies was born to a dog who was unable to care for them, a very unlikely mother steps in to adopt them. A compassionate cat, who lost her own litter of kittens, happened to notice the puppies struggling to survive. Seeing them without nutrition or care from their own mom, she was left with no other choice but to snatch them away into the safety of her care. She carried each puppy into her trailer home where they nestled together as a new family.

While this motherly cat thought nothing strange about the adoption, her owner and reporters can’t help but be amazed at what an incredible thing this is. Most cats and dogs don’t get along at all, but this cat was willing to sacrifice everything to help another dog out who desperately needed it.
The puppies are now happier than ever. Were it not for their new mom, who has turned out to be loving, protective, and kind, their situation could have turned out to be a lot different. With their needs met by this wonderful cat, she proves that you don’t have to limit your love to those who are exactly like you. When you offer an outstretched arm to those who are in need, beautiful things can happen.
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