Dubai, the place with luxury cars abandoned in the middle of the streets

Imagine yourself walking down a street and seeing left and right luxury cars, top vehicles, filled with dust, just lying there.

Luxury cars like the Ferrari Enzo, worth 1,5 million dollars.

This is the recent other side of Dubai! The wealthy Emirate is facing a problem in the streets. Due to heavy parking costs and the parking tickets, apparently people choose rather to leave the cars instead of facing jail.

The parking tickets can go up or over 30000 dollars and not paying is viewed as a crime, with no other legal normatives, therefore punishable with jail time.

Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti, think of top car brands and you have them there circulating and… abandoned!

The easiness to buy a car payable with cash and avoiding registration or using luxury vehicles owned by wealthy local entrepreneurs may help this ‘plague’ but it’s a crime to the eye witnessing this situation… some with so little, others too much, surely!