Rare footage of baby tigers

Born in January 2nd, these 3 tiger cubs, Sumatran Tigers, endemic to the Sumatra island in Indonesia, one of the most endagered species in the world with WWF estimating just 400 living specimen. Born at the Chester Zoo, in the anglo-welsh border, they’re a finding, precious births in the protection and survival of the Sumatran Tiger.

After 105 days of pregnancy, 8 year old Kirana gave birth to this 3, with the Zoo very excited with these ‘gifts’.

The Sumatran Tiger is the smallest of the Tiger subspecies, with thinner stripes, the only of the 3 Indonesian subspecies still alive, after the extinction of the Bali Tiger, whose last known female was shot in 1937, and the Java Tigers, last seen in 1979. Also the Caspian Tiger was extinct in the 70’s, with a remainder of 6 subspecies today.