Regain your faith in the Human Nature

Social experiments are growing and growing in the 21st century. While some still continue in their offices promoting theoretical studies whose applicability is always questionable, other – with no need for scholarships or university commends – that go out into the streets and test people’s reactions in real life situations.

All this scene was staged, with an actor playing the angry customer and trying to understand how would people imitate him in anger or react to him. In this dinner, Andrew’s family was able to understand that most people felt emphatic with the situation, very understanding.

The anglo-saxon idea of news effect, almost always negatively, creates the idea and perception of evilness in Humankind. Just observe the Islamic phenomena. Who knows Muslim persons know how warm they are, always willing to host a stranger, offer a meal, nothing to do with the extremism that appears to catalog Muslim when you watch the news.

The social experiment was staged in different hours and with different people dinning. At each attempt to create chaos, a negative environment around Autistic Andrew and his family, the actor faced severe responses from the clients that were also there, ‘inviting’ him to leave and tolerating Andrew’s behavior.

Not all is bad, media reality distorts things, showing the negative and taking the positive for granted as a banality not worse noticing and sharing.