She Cuts A Hole In Bubble Wrap And Grabs A Vase – To Create Something Everyone Wants To Have

With just a little bubble wrap, you can make floating flower centerpieces that won’t sink.

With a few simple cuts of bubble wrap, Christine De Beer shows us how to make beautiful floating flower centerpieces like this one, with just a couple bucks. But wait, there’s a trick to it!
Likely you have seen a floating flower centerpiece before, they require less flowers than a typical centerpiece and look beautiful and tranquil at the same time. The problem is that the water starts to fill in around the petals, and within a short amount of time, your flowers are half drowning and begging to be saved! That’s where this awesome trick comes in!

1. Cut a round piece of bubble wrap, slightly smaller than your flower.


2. Fold the wrap and nip the bottom point, so that the stem of the flower can be placed through it. 


3. We are creating a little “raft” for the flower. So, as Christine reminds us, the heavier the flower, the larger the raft will need to be. Don’t worry, it will be virtually invisible in the water. 


4. Slip the stem of the flower through the hole of the raft. 


5. Trim the stem as long or short as you would like. 


6. Set the flower in the water, and BOOM! It floats for hours! 


Even flat-petal flowers, like orchids, can float with a little help. 


And bulky-based flowers that have delicate petals, like daisies, just need a little raft, and they too can float! 


You can also add floating candles or greenery for a different look, or to set a more dramatic scene. 



However you decide to utilize this awesome trick, it will look chic and sophisticated, without spending a fortune on a florist! SHARE this money-saving tip with your friends and family! Everyone has some sort of event coming up that could use some flowers, right?