She Gets An Old Shutter For $1, Then She Creates Something I Really Want For My Kitchen!

If you want to make the best use of the space in your kitchen, try out these organization tips.

Do you feel like there are too many cooks in the kitchen, even when there are only two of you? There are ways to maximize space in your small kitchen and here are some clever ways to do so.

Make use of wall space

You may not have much, but make use of empty walls by installing shelves to help clear off your countertops.


Find the perfect spot

Make it easy to remember how kitchenware is placed to maximize space.


Those unopenable drawers must have a purpose

They may look like a facade, but fake drawers can be turned into a workable space.

Do you have a pantry door with wooden shutters?

This is an easy way to hang a variety of kitchenware and tools.


Keep lids out of the way

It can be tricky to store lids for kitchenware, so keep them out of the way by using a towel rack. Install the towel rack on a kitchen wall or inside a kitchen cupboard door.


Hang everything under your sink

Well, almost everything could fit under your sink. Place a hanging rod and use it to keep cleaning products out of the way.


Go inside your cupboard doors

The inside of a cupboard door is a good place to add hooks and small shelves to hold kitchen utensils and spices.


Place a cutting board over your sink

This is convenient and provides a little more counter space.


Or place a cutting board over a sturdy drawer

This is also a great temporary use of space!


Put fruits and vegetables up high!

Use a shower caddy to neatly place produce inside.


Move a bulky drying rack off of the counter

Instead of a dish rack taking up space on the counter, try a folding dish rack that can be placed up high.


How about your refrigerator?

This is another spot in the kitchen that may be overlooked, but you can simply glue magnets to the back of small plastic holders to secure these containers on the side of a fridge.


Cover your stovetop burners for more space

Use burner covers for more counter space. Some can even go entirely across the stove to extend the countertop.


Pegboards save the day!

This is the perfect material for hanging kitchen appliances.


Magazine holders can hold plastic wrap?

These clever compartments fit perfectly inside a cupboard door.



Move trash bags out of the way

This is brilliant! Use a towel rack in your cupboard for easy access to trash bags.


Do you have a tight corner in your kitchen?

Try adding this unique design to make the most of unused corner space.


Your tiny kitchen doesn’t have to be standing room only.

Install a foldable table for some space to work with when you need a break.


Many of us dream of the large kitchen we will some day have, but for now make the most of your limited space with these great space-saving tips. Your family and friends may all come to gather in your kitchen when they see these new ideas!