Stories like this makes us believe in a better future!

Alyx Delaloye is a little Canadian girl suffering from leukemia! Her story captured the attention of the NHL Winnipeg Jets when they saw her sign ‘chemo by day Jets by night’, with a contagious and beautiful smile.

The team was so moved by the poster that they invited her and the family to return for the next day, where an even more magical moment happened. Alyx went a couple of rows down to see the signed stick a boy had just won. When she return to her parents the young boy, Keaton, 9, followed her to hand her, to offer her the stick that he had just won! Naturally Alyx went back down to thank him with a heartwarming hug.

Hearing Keaton explaining why he did that kind act shows how bighearted that little boy is and how well-raised he is too.

In the following match, the Jets surprised Keaton with another signed stick, ratifying his generosity, which left him really surprised, with both families together and an almost certain friendship that will last.