Study shows the person who sleeps on the right side of the bed is more…

Do you have the habit of sleeping on the right side of the bed? Well, then you must know that one study found that people who choose this place to sleep, are 7% more likely to wake up grumpy.
Of course, other reasons may also imply an awakening not very pleasant, but you will now better understand why.
According to the study, people who sleep on that side of the bed, are usually more pessimistic than those who usually rest on the left.
In addition, they also have 7% more likely to agree sulky and 3% do not like or simply hate their respective work!
Summing up …. GRUMPY’S MORE EVIL!
Who sleeps on the left, it has 10% more chance of having a more positive outlook on life and 8% more likely to like your job, something that makes you always be happy and the mood up.
With the participation of 1,000 adults, the study was conducted by the famous manufacturer of beds, the Sealy UK, a company that also turned out to find that lonely people have preferred to sleep on the right side, while those with a lot of friends, choose the left side.

In a statement, the sleep expert and one of the executives Sealy UK, said: “Although the margins are small, the research certainly highlights an interesting trend: it may be possible that the left side of the bed is the next ‘right’? ”
Finally, the study also found that one in three couples sleep in separate beds, almost half does not share a duvet, and changing division when the roar of another bother. Furthermore, one in ten is pushed out of the bed by the pet or else by children.
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