Surveillance Footage Captures 7-Year-Old Girl Trapped On Bus Door As Bus Driver Drives Away

Just because they are carrying a load of kids doesn’t mean that school buses are actually safe. In fact, TV show Inside Edition found that there were 31 incidences where kids were dragged by school buses, which unfortunately included 2 deaths. When the doors close on a shirt or backpack, it clamps down and won’t let go. To test how strong the doors actually are, the show’s producers used a can of soda as a prop – they were shocked when it ripped open from the pressure! Can you imagine if that was a child’s hand or leg?

Most kids ride the bus to get back home safely. For one particular 7-year-old girl that all was about to change when a surveillance camera caught footage of a hidden danger. What happens is the stuff of every parent’s worst nightmare! As the bus doors close, the little girl’s backpack is caught between them. She’s filmed being dragged alongside the street, and the bus driver wasn’t aware of what was going on, as he couldn’t even hear her screams.

Were you aware of this specific danger and buses? I certainly had no idea! It’s scary that such a design flaw exists, and that more than one child has been dragged to their death. Watch the video below to find out what happens to this vulnerable little girl.