The respect!

May 1, 2015

It’s beautiful to watch these kind of attitudes in a gathering between former students of Kansas University, with the senior Bryan Sperry being led until […]

The babysitting cat

April 28, 2015

Although it’s Watson, we’re not talking about Sherlock Holmes, no, it’s the house cat that loves the new born, baby girl Elliotte, bff… Look how […]

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A dog and an owl, best friends!

February 17, 2015

German photographer Tanja Brandt caught these moments between Ingo, the German Sheperd and Poldi the owl. Photo: Tanja Brandt A friendship so beautiful as unlikely […]

An unexpected friendship

January 28, 2015

Ralphee is a kitten that suffers from cerebal hipoplasia, neurological condition that doesn’t kill nor shortens life, but leaves felines in this state. Max was […]