The good samaritan cop from Eugene

There has been a lot of bad talking about police actions recently, excessive use of force, racial issues, but – like all in life -each case is a case, each person is a person and every story is unique in itself.

In Eugene, Oregon, Lieutenant David Natt came across a family that was preparing to spend the night in the car in one of the city parks, that closed at 23h00. The closing time was approaching and David went there to research it. The family expected another strong warning from the police. They had just arrived from Alaska and, still with no place to stay, decided to spend the night there in order to save some money. Robert Wood, his 2 kids and wife, pregnant with a third, were already thinking they were in trouble, but what David did totally caught them off guard, offering 2 nights in a shelter using funds donated by a local church. Robert refused, refused, but the Lieutenant insisted and got him to accept it.

It was Robert Wood himself that shared this story in the social media and, although not wanting to be the news center, David accepted this interview after he was told the family was going to be there. He helped them and was still interested to see how they were going.