There’s Rottweiler and… Porkweiler

Meet Ludwig, the pig-pet of Liane Scholz and Mike Maughan, who scared away burglars recently in their Derby home.

The noises Ludwig makes are dog look-alike and the guy weights more than 100 kg!

It was in New Year’s Eve when Mike arrived home from work and found the door wide open. The burglars didn’t take a thing, imagining us the scare they caught, by night, if lights off, with this, sweet, beast!

They first took him out on Christmas and people loved it!

They got him from a Canadian shelter for beasts, left there due to the prohibition of having those kind of animals as pets in small Canadian cities.

It was difficult to get him from Canada, because the Canadian laws don’t see a pig as a pet for the transportation purposes, but they finally got it. Diane is fascinated with exotic animals and she finally got Mike to agree on the pig, after several other tries that he didn’t get convinced by.

It’s a kind of magic! A pet is a pet and Ludwig is loved like a son!