They’re “Too Fat” To Work. Here’s How Much They Get In Benefits Monthly

With a combined weight of over 750 pounds, Stephen Beer and Michelle Coombe have decided that they are “too fat to work.” Despite Stephen’s claims that he would love to maintain a steady position, but can’t due to the weight-related health obstacles and employer adversity he’s faced recently, the couple still manages to pull in quite a bit of cash every month.

Since neither of them work, many are wondering how Stephen and Michelle manage to pay their bills. But now we have an answer – they do it on the taxpayers’ dime. Combined, both of them claim over $26,000 every year due to the United Kingdom’s disability benefits.
At first, Stephen and Michelle said the taxpayer money is used for caretakers and medical support, since they are too big to care for themselves. But after a bit of digging, filmmakers behind the documentary, “Benefits: Too Fat To Work,” discovered that the money was being used for a plethora of other reasons.
Soon, the filmmakers were following Michelle and Stephen as they played the system and planned their lavish winter wedding – all while using the money that was supposed to be for keeping them healthy and paying their various bills.
They reported that Michelle and Stephen doled out over £3,000 (roughly $4,000) of benefit money for their “dream wedding” that included ornate invitations and menus, buffet-style catering and the outfits for the bride and groom, as well as their wedding party.
Even though they clearly enjoy the bountiful monetary benefits of being “too fat to work,” Stephan told This Morning staffer, Phillip Schofield, that he knows what he’s doing isn’t right.

“The government [is] making it easy for people like us. I don’t think I deserve benefits – I put myself in the situation. I’m trying to sort myself out.”

Although Stephen says that many companies have turned him down because of his weight and health problems, he is working diligently to convince prospective employers that he is the man for the job. Whatever that job may be.

You can take a peek at the This Morning interview that rocked the United Kingdom here!