For all those who think football is a man only thing

The Turkish Serenay Aktas is a good example of women football quality.

At almost 40, Patrizia Panico keeps on scoring big in Italy.

In Canada it’s Christine Sinclair the goal machine.

Motherwood doesn’t stop them from doing what they love, as US internationals Stephanie Cox and Amy Rodriguez note.

Lotta Schelin leads the awesome Swedish line of footballers.

Also the Swedish girls don’t let football go due to motherwood!

And Alex Morgan is only one among so many that totally contradicts the misconceptual idea of the women footballers physical aspect.

Algo que Fatmire Bajramaj confirma!

Truly big clubs have a women’s team, whether in Germany!

Or in Spain!

Or in France!

Or in England!

And the beauty is there, on the face, on the feet, as Louisa Nécib shows!

The success of women football in the beginning of the 20th century, during WWI, was so huge in the UK that, scared, the responsibles of the FA forbade its practice…. which cost hardly to the girls and made it very difficult for them to return! But they’re here to stay… and we thank them for it!
O sucesso do futebol feminino no início do século XX, durante a I Guerra Mundial, foi tão grande no Reino Unido que, assustados, os responsáveis da federação inglesa e reguladores do jogo proibiram a prática… e custou a que retornasse! Mas elas estão aí para ficar… e ainda bem!