This 8 year old girl honoured her grandma with 600 good deeds in 1 year

If you want to know more about those deeds, each one, check the instagram account actsoflovingkindness and get to know better Alex and her family!

Alex grandmother died in September 2013. At that time, the family decided to pay hommage to her by doing 60 acts of kindness until March 22nd 2014, the date where her grandma would complete 60 years old.

But Alex wasn’t satisfied and set a new goal, 600 deeds in one year, completed in March 22nd 2015. She still wants more and to honour her kind grandmother Alex wants to get to the thousands good deeds and then to milions.

Sarah, Alex’s mother, has been documenting all this adventure, that will go on! Girls like Alex are the ones that give us hope for a better future when the world is so poluted with evilness!