41 people sentenced to death by passengers who insisted on removing their luggage from a burning aircraft!

Experts say that passengers who lost time to pick up luggage sentenced to death the remaining passengers, which included children and at least one member of the crew.

This Sunday, a Russian airline Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet, made an emergency landing at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow, due to a blaze on one of the engines caused by lightning.

The plane connecting Moscow and Murmansk had 73 passengers and 5 crew members for a total of 78 people. Images of the plane engulfed in flames and a cloud of black smoke were unveiled by Russian state television and by users on social media. It was 18.40 local time.

According to the airline Aeroflot, a lightning strike caused the fire in one of the engines.

The emergency landing request was made about 40 minutes after take-off. According to experts, the front passengers who lost time to remove their luggage during evacuation condemned to death the remaining 41 passengers in the rear including two children.

The evacuation of this plane with 73 passengers on board should had been done in less than 90 seconds but experts say the evacuation was delayed because several passengers insisted on taking their belongings from the overhead lockers. With only two emergency exits operational and a single aisle, this crowded plane became jammed with people in panic.

The video shows the plane covered in flames and people fleeing with suitcases in their hands. Were Aeroflot blaze victims killed by fellow passengers evacuating with their luggage?

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Was this tragic accident fatal for 41 people due to the selfishness of certain individuals?

Since when is your handbag worth more than dozens of lives ???

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