Tricks to have a day full of positive energy

Open the shutters, curtains, when you wake up, let the sunlight in, that will improve your cardiac rythms and stimulate your sight, giving your mind a sign to wake up. The eyes are particularly sensitive to this natural waking up!

Have a protein breakfast. Fruits, non fat milk, non fat yogurt and nuts are a good choice.

Drink water. A Swiss study proved that peopel get twice as tired when they don’t drink water.

Have your coffees, with moderation, but stop in the late afternoon.

Drink green or white tea. When you feel fatigated you can mixed tea and coffee.

It’s true that a candy or a soda can give a quick extra energy boost, but fruit is a better choice, accompanied by yogurt or non fat cheese as a snack.

Stroll around. A good 20 minute hike, stroll after lunch will not fatigue you and will give you back some energy!

If you decide to take a nap, wash your face when you wake up. In case you don’t want to mess the makeup, pass cold water on the back of your neck.

Leave the laundry for the next time, go to bed an hour earlier than usual, that will restore you some energy too.